Adventure Time : Bullet Jake

Game instructions

Use the mouse to shoot and aimTouch on-screen buttons on mobile devices

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Have fun with this new game Bullet Jakke Adventure play it now for free here on taptapking.com !!! Enjoy with this game inspired by the famous animated series Adventure Time aim aim and shoot try to collect all the items and coins you can to improve Jake's characteristics !!! This time the two inseparable friends will be encouraged to play bullet man and got a cannon with which they can launch Jake as far as possible to discover how much they can fly. Collect all the coins that you can use your ammunition to give impetus to the character while it is in the air, with these coins you can buy different items such as more life, more bullets, a rocket backpack or cannon force. The main objective of the game is to shoot the character as far as you can, improving the distance with each attempt.
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